How To Avoid That Heavy Feeling With Weighted Tasks in Assign It To Me

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Not All Tasks are Created Equal Let’s say you’re running a small project with 10 tasks, with each task requiring 1 hour of effort by a team member who charges $100/hour. As your project progresses, each task completed represents 10% of your project’s completion. At first glance, that makes sense. All of your tasks have the same amount of effort … Read More

Proof of Work

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Progress versus Proof In developing Assign It To Me, we had a lot of interesting discussions about the definition of “What am I working on?” In our previous life, the only way we got the answer to that was to either have your team send you a status report (which nobody liked to do) or to ask them. Both methods were … Read More

Wheels, Mousetraps and Other Clichés

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It’s A Matter of Perspective In just about every possible discipline, “reinventing the wheel” is considered a wasteful use of time and effort. To coin another cliché, what you really want to do is “build a better mouse trap”. The problem, however, is that those two clichés describe the same activity. A lot of people who are criticized for reinventing the … Read More

A Defining Moment

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YAPMA If you look for project management software, you’ll find a ton of apps. A TON. Basecamp, Mavenlink, Zoho, Trello, Microsoft Project… the list goes on. And yet, Vince and I still made Yet Another Project Management App. Are we crazy? If you ask people who know us, they’ll probably say that there is indeed a little bit of crazy … Read More