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Directory List

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User Directory


The directory lists all users, active and inactive attached to your Assign It To Me site. The user list item displays the user name with image, user email, role, organization and default rate. An icon showing user capability and access is also visible.

User Capabilities

 Elevated UserSite Administrator or Project Owner. This user can administer the site or can administer projects.
 Regular User – Team MemberTeam Member. This user can update tasks but has limited access for managing projects.
 External UserExternal User. This user can log in but has limited access to the site.

 Learn more about user role security.

Directory List


  • To add a filter token, simply type in a keyword in the filtering field and press enter to register it.
  • “Magic tokens” begin with a ‘:’ and offer autocomplete.
  • The filter will match any task that has any of the tokens in the filter bar.
  • To remove a filter token, click on the ‘x’ on the right side of the filter token.

Directory Filter


  • To sort, click on the  or  icon to the right side of the filter field and a menu will appear allowing you to choose an attribute to sort on.
  • Choosing an attribute already being sorted on will toggle the ordering from ascending to descending and vice versa.
  • An  icon indicates an ascending sort order, while an  icon indicates a descending sort order.

Directory Sorting

Directory Activities

 Add New User

 Edit a User

 Remove a User

This feature is coming in an upcoming release.