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The Personal Settings allow you to set your persomal information for Assign It To Me.


Personal Information Form

Personal Info

First Name – Enter your First Name for the site

Last Name – Enter your Last Name for the site

Email – This is the email you used when you set-up your Assign It To Mee account. The email address can’t be changed.

Organization Info

Your organization, title and description serve as defaults when you get added to a new Assign It To Me site. A site owner can override them for a particular site. Changing your organization, title and description will not change any information about you in an existing Assign It To Me site, only new sites that you are added to.

Organization – Enter your Organization for the site

Title – Enter your Title for the site

Description – Enter a textual description for the organization.

Clicked the “E-mail me news and updates related to the Assign It To Me service” box to be included on the Assign It To Me mailing list.

Change Avatar

Select the Avatar type for your avatar. The options include a Gravatar or Initials. The Avatar preview will be shown. The Gravatar to your email address will be used. More info on setting up a Gravatar.

This user information is set by the site administrator and overrides the information in your Assign It To Me account.

Change Password

Pro Tip: The best way to create a strong, secure password is to use a Password Manager.

    Change Password

  1. Enter your current password
  2. Enter your new password. (Your new password should be between 10 and 40 characters and your new password should be different from your old password.)
  3. Enter your new password again.
  4. Click the “change Password” button to accept the changes.