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Users can communicate with the folks at Assign It To Me using our feedback page. Users can send a support request if they are experiancing any issues with the application, want to provide feedback/request features or have any billing inquiries.

Feedback Form

Click on the Feedback link in the left panel to display the Feedback form. Note that you must be logged into your Assign It To Me site to log a feedback request.

Feedback Link

The help feature in Assign It To Me is context-sensitive and will provide help for the situation that is associated with the current view or page. This means that if you’re editing a task and you click on the help link in the left pane, a seperate page will open with help related on how to edit a task.

feedback Form


Gereral FeedbackUse this category type when you want to send a General feedback comment. Tell us what you like or dislike about Assign It To Me, your experiences or any stories you have on how Assign It To Me has helped you run your projects for your clients.
Bug ReportYou’ll want to use this category type if something does not look right or behave as expected.

    General Info Needed for the Bug RequestSend us as much information as possible including the page or URL where the issue happened

  • Describe the problem encountered. E.g. Doesn’t save, doesn’t refresh, expected to see…
  • What platform you’re on. E.g. Desktop, Tablet, Phone
  • What OS & version you’re using. E.g. Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Windows
  • What browser you’re using E.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE>=11, Edge
  • URL when the issue happened. Copy the url in the browser window.
Feature RequestSend us any feature requests you may want in future releases. We accept all requests and if there’s enough interest in a new feature and it makes sense for integration in the app, we’ll get our deigners and developers to work it in.
Crash ReportThis is a priority one showstopper case for us. Hopefully, we don’t see any of these but if you have trouble accessing or logging into Assign It To Me because it crashed on you, you’ll use this category type to let us know. If you can’t get to the feedback page because of the crash, you can send us an email at
BillingUse this category type if you have any issues with billing or your account status.


The subject line for your feedback request.


The description for your feedback request.

When you click the send button an email will be sent to our support team and someone will respond to you shortly after your submission.