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The Search page allows you to search everything in your Assign It To Me site.


Entering Keywords

  • To add a search keyword token, simply type in a keyword in the search field and press enter to register it.
  • To remove a search token, click on the ‘x’ on the right side of the search token.
Multiple Keyword Mode

By default, when you search with multiple keyword terms, the search function will search for items containing “any” (boolean OR) of your keyword terms.

You can toggle the mode to find items containing “all” (boolean AND) of your keyword terms.

The mode toggle is the icon to the left of the search input. When the icon looks like , it is in “any” mode.

When the icon looks like , it is in “all” mode.

Clicking on the icon will toggle it.

Sorting Results

  • To sort, click on the  or  icon to the right side of the search field and a menu will appear allowing you to chooseattribute to sort on.
  • Choosing an attribute already being sorted on will toggle the ordering from ascending to descending and vice versa.
  • An  icon indicates an ascending sort order, while an  icon indicates a descending sort order.
Navigating Results
  • To jump directly to a found item, click on the item’s name.