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Site Settings

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The Site Settings allow you to change system-wide settings and defaults.



This will contain information related to the site’s paid subscription plan. The subscription settings are managed in the Account Manager.

General Information

This section contains general information related to your Assign It To Me site.


Site Name

This is the name of your site. It appears on the site login page and as the title of any browser tabs/windows you have open.

Site Path

This is a read only field indicating the path to your site (

Company Name

This is the name of the company for which the Assign It To Me site was created.

General Defaults

This section contains defaults for your Assign It To Me Site


Default Role

The default role for new users

Default Hourly Rate

The default hourly rate for new users

Task Defaults
Tasks are billable

Sets the default for new projects

Tasks are statused by checklist

Sets the default for new projects

Project Health Defaults

Allows you to set the default importance and thresholdes for yellow and red states for each of the Project Health core metrics.

System API Key

This is reserved for future functionality.


Enter a list of acceptable attachment protocols. If you change the protocols, they will not take effect until you or other users have refreshed your page in your browser.